The Harp


I was chased away Saturday night while stopping in front to pick up. The guy was very hostile, threatened to get the cops. Anyone else have this experience?


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I'd rather boycott the jerk, but that's probably not practical. These pax are, after all, his customers.


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That's one of the worst spots in Milwaukee to pick up Pax, especially at Bar time. Too many drunk people, cops all around, and your PAX can never seem to find you.


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Cops can not do anything. Get your windows tinted and don't pay attention to those fools or act like you are on the phone. Works for me at the Casino pick ups and The Harp/Trinity area.

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When I have idiot people from the harp or Trinity try to chase me away I just ignore these idiots don't understand that we are trying to help with crowd control and they think we want to be there and hang out I have nothing else better to do LOL.. when they start throwing fits like two year olds I don't even look at them I dare them to touch me or the touch my car which would not be not their best interest... those stupid little bellhops s are the same Way at hotels.... they think they are all