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The Hard Reality of Uber Driving


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Back in 2007, I was at a great company and I was very positive. I met the woman of my dreams, I had 5 weeks of vacation at work, and made a respectable check...a check that no matter what happened I could expect every 2 weeks. Now fast forward to 2008, when I found myself unemployed and living off of savings. It was a TOTAL NIGHTMARE. I would apply around to jobs and never got interviewed. Never considered. It went on like that for several months until I went into business myself and I turned myself around. Im now a contractor doing the same work I did at the company, however, now no vacation and the future is never certain. I work hard.

The "Hard Reality of Uber Driving" is that us people who find ourselves in an unstable situation really need it. Back in 2008, it would have been great if an Uber existed where I could have simply drove people around until something better came along. Also, the people who have jobs, also need it to supplement their paychecks.

To be clear, Im not happy driving people around. Its kind of like a failure in my life where this is now something I have to do to keep my situation stable. However, the hard reality is we all need money to live in expensive Jersey. Uber driving is the only job in town where you can jump aboard without an interview.

I contemplated with my friend whether or not I should get a FHV (TLC) license. I think Im going to get it seeing as it takes 3 months. Ill get it just in case I need it and need to move it forward to get something like an SUV. Its good to have options.

So I know many people have their own complaints against Uber. $1.25 a mile is ridiculous and it should be the shore rates of 2 per mile. However, you have to understand this is the only game in town as far as an easy job anyone can get. Its the only game in town to supplement your income. I dont view Uber as a good thing, but a necessary thing. This is what we just have to do.
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You give great advice. It has it's ups and downs. Great thing is if you're ready to work like a dog, you can do it on your own terms and walk away with cold hard cash weekly.

It ain't easy, but no job really is.