The good old days, the good old rates!

kc ub'ing!

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Relative newcomer here. I've made it clear in several posts, I'm in between jobs and having a ball driving for Uber! I've been equally clear with my disdain for the abundance of bitter, "Fuber" hating posts on this board. I haven't experienced a rate cut. My market has been $1.10 a mile and $0.20 per minute since my beginning. I'm grateful for the $500-$800 I rake each each week but have nothing to compare it to.. I assume from the complaints; most here used to do a lot better!

My chief complaint about Uber is their inaccessibility when I need support. I've been lucky with pax. After 772 rides, I've only had one I felt like tossing. Most have been cool, interesting people! I do hate the non-talkers, So boring! My point is, I don't hate driving for Uber but it seems the majority who post here do. So tell me about the good old days when rideshare was fun and profitable.


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Glad you like it, OP. Tell us, what's your net hourly rate doing this gig? That's gross income minus gas and depreciation (say 10 cents a mile) divided by the time spent sitting in your car whether you're actually driving or not.

I have a feeling the people who enjoy this job are ones who feel they're making respectable money at it. Which is pretty subjective. I didn't start looking online for this forum until I realized the money I was making was not at a level that I thought was fair for my efforts. I have a feeling many of the people here are in the same boat whereas the happy ones don't bother.
K'c ubing I have had the same problem with tech support. They kept emailing me for a certain document and I sent it to them. Then, they had some generic email asking for the same thing again. I called them out on it but it took 5-6 emails before they noticed. They were emailing me on the Uber app and regular account online.