The entitled ones having a whinge on radio


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Apparently some poor princess is upset because the driver didn't get out to open the boot, then driver told princess I don't get paid enough for this sh!t do it yourself, sounds fair enough.
Then the poor darling was not satisfied with the robots, AI and Bangladeshi peasants that run uber complaints dept. LOL LOL LOL, so had to take it further, now Leon Byners on the case :biggrin:
I bet the poor entitled princess was at a no standing zone or some other target rich fine enviroment.


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have you got audio? what station?

disclaimer: I am not a poor darling, but I also hate robots and AI and Bangladeshi peasants. well, not as a class or anything, heck I wouldnt want to be seen as bigoted or racist or anti AI : have they come up with an "ism" for robotphobia yet???:android::android::android::android:
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