The drunk riders - men vs women.


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Ok maybe it's just me, but in Buffalo, has anyone noticed that when you pick up a group of people, say in the 30-50 age group,middle aged folks, the men in the group are usually pretty mellow, but the women swear and carry on like drunken sailors. They are so much more obnoxious then the men in the group. It can't be a coincidence that I am experiencing this every time??? What happens to Buffalo women that as they age, they become this way?


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Think of it this way....go to a bar and what do you see....people in their 20s and people in the their early 40s and beyond....the people in the middle are typically missing because they have kids. Men have an easier time to go out with their friends drinking then, they get a few in them and act like asses.

I've noticed that the women are more likely to use the AUX cord on my radio and blare some music too.