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The Donald is coming


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Secret service is flying in The Donald into Bradley around 5pm and taking him into downtown Hartford. Traffic is supposed to be a major nightmare, Thousands of people are supposed to show up and start arriving downtown by 4pm. I91 may very well be shut down while they wait for secret service to get him on it, and you know how much traffic heads to hartford at rush hour

This can be good or bad for Uber drivers. we may get some good rides but I'd hate to get trapped in the traffic just giving someone a short ride.

State police are already telling downtown workers to go home very early

If there is no high surge pricing during this mess then something is rigged


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I wonder what Donald has to say about uber and the new "gig economy"?
I think he is like Hillary . Wants us to be employees

Looks like all the corporate people listened to the state police and told employees to leave early . Downtown around 6pm was not very busy. Not a single surge either

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