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The Dash Cam Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Stories' started by dctcmn, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. I was offline (of course) and a gal pulled out from a parallel parking spot and hit me. Fortunately, my door molding took almost all of the damage, so I wasn't going to report it because I don't carry comprehensive or collision on my car, only liability. I knew I could fix it for less than $50 once the weather warms up.

    I didn't even get mad at her and simply asked if she was ok and exchanged insurance info with her. However, the next day, my insurance company calls me to tell me that she filed against my policy and said I hit her while she was backing into her spot.

    I forwarded the dash cam footage to my insurance company and gave them permission to pursue an insurance fraud claim against her and her insurance company. The next day, I receive this email from her insurance company...

    Check 3.PNG

    followed by this check...


    So my dash cam has already paid for itself 10 times over.
  2. And more importantly, it pointed out a cheating liar. :D
  3. DocT

    DocT Moderator

    Los Angeles (South Bay)
  4. June132017


    Picked up some creepy dude once. I think he was trying to pull something. He looked into the dash camera (mine looks like a GoPro) He kept starring into it really creepy. I think I might be a dead Uber driver if it wasn't for that.
  5. Pawtism

    Pawtism Moderator

    The Gamma Quadrant
    As I always say, always have a dash cam. One just never knows, and there is no reason not to have one. We've all seen how often pax lie about things, and I'd like to say it's just Uber/Lyft pax, but it's not, it's sadly society in general. Even people who don't ride share should have a dash cam, but EVERYONE who does ride share, even part time, really, really needs one. It's practically mandatory.

    The best part of your story dctcmndctcmn is that her rates probably shot up through the roof. :D
  6. mrpjfresh


    Asheville, NC
    This is probably one of my favorite stories I've read on here. Low-life fraudster gets exactly what she deserves and you get a sweet payout. Well done!

    Great example of why we should save any dash cam footage from questionable incidents though I think most have g-sensors that will lock and save impact footage. Forget just rideshare, I'll never own another car without one installed. They are just too cheap and easy to install to not have these days.
  7. Freakin Awesome!!!

    Well done sir. Well done!
  8. SEAMT


    Toronto, ON
    The benefits dash cam or recording devices in general provide
  9. Ribak


    MODERATORS. Please feature this thread!!!!
  10. JimKE


    Gawd, I LOVE a happy ending!
  11. I second the vote.
  12. Similar story here. Backing out of a parking space, car behind me starts backing up. I'm on the horn and the guy doesn't stop. Hits me, then gets out yelling at me accusing me of hitting him.

    Video to the insurance company, I get paid. Damage was easily buffed out.
  13. Phoenix123


    Long Beach
  14. Snow and ice weather. Guy coming at me tries to change lanes or something, loses control, spins out and slams into my car.

    He is in a rental car, does not have registration or proof of insurance with him. I get his license, phone and email, he says he will email me the ins info mañana.

    Next day he emails me a website for his rental company, showing that they OFFER insurance. Uh, not good enough.

    Next day, I get nothing from him.

    Day 3 we chatted, he says he will get it to me, needs my ins info also. Okay, here is my info, send me yours please...

    Day 4, still nothing. I texted that I'm not trying to be a jerk, but if I don't get his info I will be taking the footage to the police, they can investigate as a hit and run.

    Day 5, his company calls and takes responsibility. Fixes car, gets me a rental, and pays me $1,000 for my week of lost wages.

    Note, if I had reported as hit and run, my ins would have covered it, however they would not have given me the $1,000. Dash cam paid for 3x over.

  15. UbingInLA


    Anyone who has a good quality, affordable, easy to install & use dash cam - please list the name and model here.... asking for a friend.
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  16. KungFuPanda


    Castle Rock, CO
    Vantrue N2 Pro
  17. Surgeio


    Maui, Hawaii
    Yep, it's awesome, especially for the price. I got mine on an Amazon lightning deal for $149.99. Much better than my old Falcon Zero.
  18. Mole


    You are the man.
  19. Finally someone listens to you
  20. Ribak


    I am checking the weather forecast now....Hell must have frozen over.

    In all seriousness, I think it was an easy call for the Mod’s. OP made an excellent post and it highlighted the importance of Dash Cams.

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