The congestion is your fault....


Picked up a rider around 8:45 PM in Downtown SF this evening. It took about 30 minutes to travel 2.5 miles... and, according to the passenger, the congestion was my fault.


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Second time I've read you mention that RedoBeach. Can you please explain how that helps to reinstall the app? Thanks
I can't swear by it, but anytime I seem to be getting awful trips in succession (like all pools to sb or all Oakland trips when trying to stay in SF) or smtg that keeps seeming coincidental in succession, I go back to an old email that Uber sent me a link to the app download and it seems to reset the app. When my app says "Update app" after that I just ignore it until it won't allow me to go online unless I update.

It very well may all be in my head, but it has worked every time to bring me back to the trips I used to get when I first started. It does often seem like they put us on different algorithms.


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As my boyfriend says... You're on the Uber hates you algorithm. Or the all bridges all day algorithm. #RESET.

Now I'm on the all rides awesome algorithm :smiles: