The clown car known as software development at Uber continues to roll


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Uber has been making changes to their dispatching function. On our end we are seeing longer delays between when we hear a ping and when we get the display of the pickup point and the choice to accept decline or just ignore the request.

This is also been affecting the airport queuing function. Rematches are happening slower. If there is no rematch and Uber wants to put you in the queue that is also happening much slower.

Today I noticed something new I was in the ORD queue because there were only a few dozen drivers and I wanted to take a bit of a break. When I got the request to go to the airport stating that a ride would be assigned on the way. I dutifully started towards the terminal. My queue position got down to number one and then stayed there as I slowly passed through the terminal area. When I got back to Bessie Coleman Drive to recirculate, I got a new message. In bold red uppercase letters it instructed me to go back to the waiting area to receive a ride request. That flashed a couple of times and then my queue position went from number 1 to 63.

Someone please stop them before they code again.


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Keep driving dutifully, immediately, and directly to the terminals, LOL. Then come back on here and complain how you weren't assigned a trip LOL.
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
You get no sympathy for not driving smart out there and hurting nobody but your own wallet.