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The CelluRide Story: How Kalanick stole Uber from its creator

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Michael - Cleveland, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. Michael - Cleveland

    Michael - Cleveland Moderator

    Great Lakes
    A 'Grand Theft' vis-à-vis Winklevoss/Zuckerberg
    The CelluRide Story: How Kalanick stole Uber from its creator.
    (7 years of work stolen by Travis Kalanick & VC Investors)
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  2. I saw this video posted somewhere else earlier today....and the comparisons to the Facebook story are obvious. Did some searching around and it sounds like the plaintiff is a bit odd and might be spinning some facts in his direction. But it makes me wonder, in light of the highly publicized Facebook battle....are there any type of disclosure rules/agreements in place when founders and entrepreneurs meet with potential investors? I've heard the line on "Shark Tank" a bunch, that "if someone wants to steal your idea they will and there's not much you can do to stop it." But it seems like there should be some protection in place when pitching an idea other than simply "oh you can trust me."

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