The case of imaginary Atlanta Quest 11/25


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Quest 1 notification: 14 hour quest from 12 pm 11/25 to 2 am 11/26. $6 per pickup at Hartsfield.

Quest 2 notification received on 11/25 at 7 p.m.: From
8 p.m. until 11/26 at 2 a.m. $6 to be added to every trip that was completed during this time.

The Quest tracker provided in the app did not record completed trips, as it usually does , for either of the quests, so I began posting a help request for each completed trip.

As usual, when sending a help request, I immediately received an automated negative response with a list of canned reasons (pick one) why I will not receive whatever surge, boost or whatever payment I was inquiring about. ( Also, any adjustment to a fare when the Uber app screws up a trip, whether it's requested by me or the rider, is first deducted from my portion of the fare. After informing Uber that their error is responsible, the adjustment is then reversed so it comes from their portion.)

The second response from help center for a Quest 2 trip stated that only trips with an Atlanta pick up location would qualify for this Quest.

I went back to the Quest 2 notification and sure enough at the very end was a disclaimer stating that only trips with an Atlanta pickup location would qualify. I responded that this trip did in fact have an Atlanta pick up location (Clairmont Rd Atl GA) etc.,

The third response from the help center regarding this Quest 2 trip was received today, 11/26 and informed me that only airport pickups qualified for $6 payments.

Uber help now maintains that the ONLY Quest available on 11/25 and 11/26 is Quest 1.

Although the notification for Quest 1 is still in my list of notifications, the Quest 2 notification is no longer there. No record exists of this Quest 2 notification anywhere.

I may be crazy but I'm quite certain I'm not stupid. I regularly have to dispute fare calculations with Uber when I am not paid correctly for completed trips.

Did anyone else receive this Quest 2 notification or have I crossed to the senile Dark Side of Life?


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My opinions runneth over today...

Finally, after a couple of major hissy-fits, I have gone two weeks without seeing that Uber is making more than I am based on Guaranteed pricing.
How big of a fit will I need to pitch to get them to take less than 30% as a commission? In Atlanta they are currently running between 30 and 50% on a regular basis.


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Sorry to inform you...butt...

The monkey thinks you MAY...

Have crossed that dreaded...

senility line...8>O

Butt..with all due respect...

That line comes MUCH quicker...

When you are a frog...8>)

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Support is right. The quests were just for the airports. ATL is the airport code for Hartsfield, just like MIA is the code for Miami International Airport, so it can be a little confusing.


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I have kind of a sideways view of these quests, and bonuses and crap. I don't count on any of them. If the boss thinks I deserve a bonus then he should give me money. If he doesn't, then don't. It doesn't make a bit of difference as to how or how well I do my job. Accepting that kind of money implies that I am not working very hard at my job, UNLESS you pay me extra. Not true. I do the same excellent job no matter what. I do such a good job that it is impossible to do better - then what good is a bonus, or quest, or whatever you want to call it.

Was in the grocery store the other day: clerk ask me for my 'customer rewards card'. Told her I don't have one. She asked if I wanted one, I said 'no'. Should be the end of the conversation - right? Wasn't to be. She went on to explain that I would receive extra bonuses and discounts on some items because I am a valued customer. I told her that if I am a valued customer, and she recognizes that, then give me a discount. She said that I had to have a card, I said, ok, then how much do I owe you.
Next thing I know, the manager is there trying to convince me to get a rewards card. I told him that I don't do that. I don't want them tracking and recording my purchases of .. whiskey and condoms and ammo and stuff that I don't want recorded. That they could give a discount to all their customers all the time and that'd be ok with me. I finally ended it with, "If I had a card for every store I went into I'd need to have a wheel barrow to carry them around, and how much do I owe you?"
He kept trying to sell me a rewards card -- I just left. "Sir. Don't go, I'm just trying to explain to you ..." Won't go back to that store. They want a DNA sample and two forms of pix ID to buy a half gallon of milk.

These bonuses and quests and crap that Uber offers is the same thing. I ignore them. If they want to give something extra, they should just give us all a Christmas bonus of $100. Period. No strings.