The Big Lebowski


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As I write this, I am sitting in a Denny's in Santa Monica, California, enjoying a meal break after doing a bunch of local surge runs. One guy was particularly interesting...

So I get called to this residential high-rise, and out comes this guy in a bathrobe(!). He's in the mood for frozen yogurt, and dammit, he's gonna get some. He gives me the location of a Yogurtland which is closed. I find one that's open, and he says go for it.

Oh, and his girlfriend was with him. I guess you could say she was his moral center, because this guy was off the charts. Even as we made our way to the open Yogurtland, he must've changed his mind 6-7 times.

Well, I get them there, safe and sound, all because I was able to abide.

And before you ask, no tip. (bummer)