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The best way to increase your income

Discussion in 'Pay' started by UBERPROcolorado, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. UBERPROcolorado


    I see lots of posts in this forum suggesting drivers do this and that to get back at Uber and the riders, for what they feel are unfair practices and or treatment.

    Has anyone thought about what might HELP Uber be more profitable, thus making more income for the drivers?

    A few days ago I picked up a rider on a longer trip.

    The rider started a conversation about what he had read in Uberpeople. He said he was horrified by some of the statements and actions of the drivers. He went on to say that he quit using Uber for two months based on a fear of what a driver might do. The rider explained that he was forced to use Uber on this trip as the cab cost was just way way to expensive and that the Lyft drivers were just as evil in their posts.

    During the ride I listened to him quote post after post of really unprofessional statements and things that drivers have done to get back at riders. There was little I could say as I read this forum and see the same posts he saw.

    Toward the end of the trip I apologized for what he had read and assured him that not all drivers agree with or participate in this type of behaviour. At the end of the trip he thanked me and gave a nice cash tip. Hopefully he will come back to Uber.

    If drivers want to increase their income, Uber must sustain and grow their market share. Drivers should be involved in growing Uber's market share, not try to destroy it.

    If drivers want a better income they need to STOP:







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  2. Your rant has some very good points. One thing I disagree with is that drivers' lots will improve if we help Uber gain profitability. For 2 reasons:

    1. Ubers goal is to replace us with SDCs. Profits or not, 80%+ of drivers will be gone as soon as Uber can manage it. We may manage to stay on the platform, but rides will dry up even worse than they are now. So will the money.

    2. Uber's behavior is 100% corporate America. Helping the mother company NEVER got better pay or real improvements for any of the base workers at McDonald's, Disney, Chevron, Wal-Mart, Johnson & Johnson, Coca Cola, Microsoft, etc etc.

    As far as posting too much negative, I agree. Ideally complaints should be accompanied by constructive ideas or suggestions. But it is what it is.
  3. UBERPROcolorado


    I agree. The chance that Uber will grow their market share but not share the wealth is cerainly a posibility. But it is also possble that the growth in market share will increase our volume. Less down time, more trips, more income.

    As for SDC's....there are so many hurdles left to overcome. Contrary to some optimistic estimates, we are still a decade away from seeing a volume of SDC's on the road. I have a good friend that has been working for a company that is in the forefront of this technology. He has made it clear that by 2020 we will have a very small contingent of such vehicles in a very limited number of states. There are several challenges that they have not, as of now, been able to resolve.

    Bottom line is that we still have plenty of time and opportunity to make our business more stable and profitable. Either way, we should keep our behaviour professional and strive for excellence and stop the Uber/Rider bashing.

    Thank you and drive safe.
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  4. Making money with uber was always dream now it's time to wake up
  5. UBERPROcolorado


    I was making money when I first started. Using real math. BUT over the past 3 months my net has dropped by 22%. Add gas prices that are .30 cent higher and I can only afford to work very specific hours.

    That is why we need to help Uber gain market share.....not loose it.

    Drive Safe
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  6. I'm not helping nobody. who cares about uber. They will be out of business in 3 years. It's all a joke
  7. UBERPROcolorado


    With a 32 billion war chest, Uber is going nowhere.

    And this is the mentality that makes it harder on the true professionals to keep the market share. Uber's big mistake is hiring riders with your attitude. By the way.....your sentence should read

    "I am not going to help anyone".

    Drive Safe
  8. Lol good luck. you're going to need it.
  9. touberornottouber


    Volusia County, FL
    It doesn't work like that.

    1. We aren't employees.
    2. We aren't given any equity in the company.
    3. They are quite open about wanting to replace us with driverless vehicles.
    4. They see drivers as a dime a dozen.
    5. 98% will not be doing this for over a year.

    In my opinion Uber and Lyft should be happy I'm not going around spreading negative PR about things like the low rates, upfront pricing and taking over 40% of the fare and the ratings and false report fiasco. If I wanted to be a jerk and were really upset I'd be contacting the media and the government about these things and trying to cause trouble. I'm not. They should be happy about that.
  10. CvilleUber


    Charlottesville, VA
    I'd like to address these points...

    1. You just vilified Uber drivers - There's probably a better way of getting your points across
    2. Going onto a forum, essentially yelling at everyone is even more child-like
    3. Calling people stupid they way you did, only lowers readers' perception of your intelligence.
    4. Telling people to grow up and find a new line work? I thought you wanted us to be smarter and nicer?

    Uber doesn't care about us - they are going to replace us. There are hundreds of new drivers replacing old drivers who quit every day. Plenty of people (myself included) are grabbing peanuts while we can. If passengers are still using Uber, despite what they read or experiences they had - I'm not sure what else we can do to actually make it worse? Uber is the cheapest, and has the largest amount of drivers - Uber doesn't need more riders, they have the market cornered.
  11. UBERPROcolorado


    You are correct. I am VILIFYING the drivers that post derogatory statements and threats that pertain to riders. It is unimaginable that a driver would attack the people that pay his/her bills. If anything, drivers should be thanking riders for using Uber.

    You are correct. I am yelling very loudly. I am tired of listening to riders complain about the conduct of drivers, the postings made by drivers and the threats made by drivers. Absolutely ridiculous.

    The behavior of some drivers and their postings in this forum are stupid and very unprofessional. Not to mention a massive violation of the Partner Agreement.

    You are correct. My use of the term "grow up" was not productive. My post was made shortly after we printed hundreds of unprofessional posts and reviewed them, one at a time. In was upset.

    There were over 200 posts threatening riders, over 130 posts related to destroying and/or throwing away items left in drivers vehicals and all most all of the posts violate Uber's Partner Agreement. And we looked at just a minute number of the total posts. We have thousands left to review.

    Between the time that I posted my rant and now, additional information has come to light and others have become involved. It is clear that there is no reason to address the issue further in this forum, as it has just gone to far.

    Drive Safe.
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  12. I will just point out one thing and we will see that you are either blind or stupid:


    A hard working ant in most markets makes minimum wage or less driving base fare, I don't see how you can spend more effort than that. As you can see more effort in this Uber scam does not translate to better pay, So what else you want drivers to do?

    Reading your idiotic comments gives me a headache. Your IQ can't be over 80.
  13. UBERPROcolorado


    It took me a month to figure out how to make Uber profitable.

    First it is NOT a full time gig no matter how hard your try. It is a great partime, however.

    Second, you must have customer service skills and use them. The real profit comes in the tip.

    That's it. All there is to it.

    Driver's posts, the subject of the original post, are hurting Uber. Not to mention many of the posts violate state laws and Uber's Contract with it's driver's. That has been confirmed. I am confused. If you hate your job and hate Uber, why not do what normal people do and find a different job.....instead of trying to ruin it for the good drivers?

    And on another note....riders are finding posts that relate to their trips on this forum. They are reporting them to Uber in record numbers. Uber can now unmask and match posts to the real names of drivers. Think about it!

    Drive Safe.
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  14. What you are saying and actually doing is contradicting yourself.

    You want drivers to increase Uber's income. How do you think we are going to achieve that? The answer is obvious, We have to do exactly what Uber wants us to do. Accept all the pings Uber give us, Including all those long pick ups in the hood or suburb etc, Take all the pool ride, Chase the surge to kill the surge, Then take all the base fare pings and minimum fare trips where Uber takes over 50% of the cut.

    According to you, Who wants drivers to make Uber more money, We have to do everything I just mentioned above. So we are making Uber more money by doing all the things experienced drivers tend to avoid, In the end Uber did end up with more money, But what about us drivers? Doing exactly what Uber wants leaves us with less than minimum wage or no money at all.

    Back to you where we will see the contradiction: You said "It took me a month to figure out how to make Uber profitable." In order to make Uber profitable, You HAVE to play the game. You have to do at least one of the followings: Drive surge, Cherry pick, Avoid cheap neighborhood, Avoid areas where people do not tip, Play the surge game, Avoid rush hour 3-4 mile rides etc. Uber does NOT want you to do any of the above and what you are doing is hurting Uber. So here we are, You want us to be good ants and doing everything Uber wants while yourself play the game to make a profit. See the hypocrisy now?

    With in-app tipping (which usually has a delay to show tips), You can not pressure customer into giving tips by providing great service etc. Cheap people are not going to tip no matter how amazing your customer service skill is. A pick up in a bad neighborhood means zero tip, period.
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  15. Oh I have plenty of ideas but I've also worked for corporations long enough I don't even waste my time. They either do nothing, they might say thank you and do nothing... Or they do something but it comes out all wrong... Or they do it and they do it right, and take the credit for the idea. That's what always happens, every time.

    So here's an idea you can have and do anything you want with it and it will increase your income:
    1. Quit, and find a regular job.
  16. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5

    That's like saying "I was forced to eat McDonald's dollar menu because Outback Steakhouse is just way way too expensive."

    Next time tell the cheap pr*ck to walk. Been in this business for over 18 years now. Trust me, I know what it takes to make a living in the fare for hire industry.
  17. UBERPROcolorado


    Good morning,

    The minimum wage issue does not make sense based on my numbers. I could see mimum wage if a driver is pulling full time hours, maybe. Even off surge and boost, add in the tips and the net is still at or more than $20 hour.

    I don't play the games you mention. I drive on and off surge and boost, take all trips provided and don' waste time trying to conjure up ways to skirt the system.

    As for tips. I guess my experience is that tips come when you give quality service, friendly service and go beyond when the opportunity knocks. Examples:

    Pick up rider headed to a show. We drive 6 min and rider realizes he forgot the tickets. I turned around, took him back home and waited for him to find the tickets. Then off to the show. The down time cost me a few bucks but the $20 tip more than made up for it.

    Getting out of the car.......is huge. Open your door for the ladies, make sure your water is ice cold, ask if they need to stop for anything and be kind/sincere/helpful. Load and unload luggage is also huge. The rider is so impressed the tip will often be more than the fare.

    If drivers stop worry about what Uber is doing and create your own program within the rules of Uber, the money is great and the job is fun.

    The big thing you are missing and the point to all of this is ....... many of The things said and threatened in this forum are in unprofessional, damaging to RIDERSHIP, creating problems for the good drivers, are illegal and violate Uber's Contract with the drivers. And from what I have heard, Uber is not going to allow it to continue.

    Drive Safe
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  18. Looks like I found another account working for Uber, lol

    Numbers do not lie, People have done study and drivers in most markets are making minimum wage. Those drivers are hard working ants, They are not those "conjure up ways to skirt the system", Their number does not match up with yours. I wonder who is lying about the number here?

    Your example sure sound legit, And people who do not drive for Uber / just started driving for Uber might actually believe that fairy tale. True stories are usually you can wait for someone at their mid-stop for over 20 minutes and they won't tip you a single dollar at the end of the ride. This has happened to me multiple times already, Once a Vietnamese kid trying to cash his paycheck, Once a white girl trying to print out something, Another time a black lady doing a "quick stop" at grocery. For ants driving UberX, Most of the riders are bottom of the barrel, Ungrateful entitled cheap ****s who don't tip no matter what you do.

    "Getting out of the car.......is huge. Open your door for the ladies, make sure your water is ice cold, ask if they need to stop for anything and be kind/sincere/helpful. Load and unload luggage is also huge. The rider is so impressed the tip will often be more than the fare."

    Again those ignorant words tell me you do NOT drive. You are sitting in a comfortable office just pulling crap out of your ass. People who actually drive will tell you most of the time either situation wouldn't allow you to get out of the car, Or it's not the best idea to do so. We are transportation service at 1/3 cab price, We are not offering Limo service and we don't have a fridge in a daily car to keep "water ice cold". I have loaded and unloaded luggage for ladies with their perfectly healthy male companion watching on the side and zero tip after the trip.

    Oh btw, 99.9% pax do not ask for water, Just like how you normally wouldn't eat anything given by strangers. Of those who asked, They are usually entitled rude bastards who put their feet on your dashboard and won't tip you afterwards.

    Look man, I don't know whether you are just one lying bastard because this is your job or you truly believe everything you said, But the reality for a regular Uber ant is pretty far from whatever you pulled out of your ass. Get an Uber driver account, Go out there and drive at least 100 hours in different areas before you post here again please.
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  19. R James

    R James

    Bothell, WA
    I suspect the drivers on this forum are a tiny percent of all drivers, and in general are probably those who like/need to vent, whine, complain, etc. Driving uber is what it is. It's a pretty tough gig if it is your main job and counting on it as a long term profession is nuts. It's better as a 2nd job or something to get you through school, etc.
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  20. I have given thousands of rides, all on X. My Uber rating has been 4.9+ for months. Quality service is normal for me, been in the service industry for 28 years.

    Last night I gave 26 Uber rides. I got zero cash tips and one in app tip. Unfortunately I have discovered that this is par for the course. (By comparison, I also did 11 Lyft rides and got 5 tips)

    Uber has conditioned pax to not bother with the tip. If I was in a college town it would be worse!

    I'm not *****ing about lack of tips I am simply pointing out that your experience driving Select and XL in your city is far from the normal X drivers experiences.

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