the app we really need


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I don't see any need for the bloated bug filled apps like mystro and the others that are trying to sell you something. The app that would really make a million dollars would be a very lean simple one feature app. An automatic screen shot of the waybills. Just an automated super fast screen shot of the way bill immediately upon accepting a ping and when the rider trip starts and ends. This way we can get paid for those trips that we have problems with, maybe add a documentation feature for safety and legal issues driver cancels for example: You get the ping accept it, bam, auto screenshot of waybill, you arrive to pick up pax they don't meet community guidelines for whatever reason, a minor, transporting AR15s, puking...whatever... you push 1 button it documents reason for driver cancel associated to the screenshot waybill. This way we can get paid for rip off trips, send in the waybill and the documentation you had to cancel. Additionally, any other separate apps that keep the TNCs from shorting our pay, the previous discussion is the most common I encounter., many trips unpaid because I cancel, the rider does not meet the community guidelines, usually a minor or severely drunk. Anyway, to the app creator that makes a million off this please forward a creative fee to me.