The 32 places Uber and Lyft drivers earn the most


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This article was originally posted on the Seattle board by local driver @dimwit_driver. I think it's good info and a benefit to others to see where their state ranks on this list.

The 32 places Uber and Lyft drivers earn the most, according to the data


Gridwise — a smartphone app designed for rideshare drivers to increase earnings — has released a report detailing which cities Uber and Lyft drivers make the most money.

On average, rideshare drivers in the US made about $17.21 hourly in 2019, or about $0.88 cents per mile, according to Gridwise. In comparison, Bay Area drivers, which tops the list, earned on average $23.28 per hour in December 2019. This is followed by two more West Coast cities: Seattle and San Jose. And overall, California cities dot the list more frequently than any other state.

The study also revealed a dip in earnings from 2018. Last year, drivers earned $18.50 hourly, which is about $1.29 more than the 2019 average hourly earnings.

Gridwise compiled the data based on 100,000 rideshares over 20 million miles. The hourly earnings reflect the amount each driver had after Uber and Lyft took their share, but before any expenses, such as taxes, were deducted.

Keep scrolling to see which cities were the most profitable for Uber and Lyft drivers in December.

32. Tampa, Florida — $12.71
31. San Antonio, Texas — $13.27
30. Jacksonville, Florida — $13.63
29. New Orleans, Louisiana — $13.72
28. Atlanta, Georgia — $14.31
27. Columbus, Ohio — $14.45
26. Nashville, Tennessee — $14.47
25. Indianapolis, Indiana — $14.70
24. Miami, Florida — $14.81
22. Houston, Texas — $14.93
21. Charlotte, North Carolina — $15.53
20. Las Vegas, Nevada — $15.77
19. Dallas, Texas — $15.84
18. San Diego, California — $16.75
17. Los Angeles, California — $17.07
16. Kansas City, Missouri — $17.24
15. Austin, Texas — $17.37
14. Phoenix, Arizona — $17.38
13. Chicago, Illinois — $17.52
12. Detroit, Michigan — $17.69
11. Baltimore, Maryland — $17.79
10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — $17.82
9. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — $18.17
8. Washington, DC — $18.28
7. Denver, Colorado — $18.41
6. New Jersey — $20.58

Countdown, Top 5:

5. Boston, Massachusetts — $21.39

4. New York, New York — $21.68

3. San Jose, California — $22.27

2. Seattle, Washington — $22.67

1. Bay Area, California — $23.28


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Wow, those numbers really suck. I'm in RDU which didn't even make the list and if I grossed $15 an hour I would be gone. it's a crappy day if I'm at $20. Just goes to show there are a lot of desperate people out there willing to drive for $10 or less an hour.

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And, to complete the list at:
23. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — $14.93

Not surprise Orlando did not even make the top 32
So Orlando is Under... $12.71 an hour by Uber’s own figures. (Orlando isn’t in the top 32 so it’s below 22.71)

35 a mile times 20-25 miles averaged per hour here (this is about my range and has been since 2010) and your at $7.70 per hour in costs. This is 35c a mile assuming an XL/minivan. You could get less per mile but an XL vehicle is a HUGE advantage here.

<$12.71 - $7.70 an hour in costs.

Or <$5.00 an hour.

Driving a cab last night I made $150 in 11.5 hours (from picking up to dropping off the cab 11.5 hours) minus a lunch break.

Something is wrong here...


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Doesn’t cost $8-$10 per hour to operate a reasonably costed vehicle.
Hmmmm I get 24mpg in a 10+ year old fully deprecated xl vehicle with 250,000 miles bluebook probably less than 3k

Point being it's paid for once a year I need $800-1500 in repairs to keep it safe so $150 per month are my total costs aside from gas and insurance

If I fill tank up do my airport ride that accounts for 90% of my trips, dead head back and fill up again it costs $8ish dollars to do so

Trip is 40 minutes there 40 minutes back approx 80 miles round tripper

Owned car before Uber & should give me 3 more years

8300 in repairs at 4000+ trips call it $2 maintenance every ride

Nothing out of ordinary 9 tires, front brakes twice rear once, shocks, struts, CV joint, radiator, 2 alternators/batteries, 2 windshields, power steering pump, side view mirror, electric door, 2 tune ups, ac recharge,40 oil changes give or take in 5 years most all original parts

It's not advanced calculus a car in motion costs $8-10 an hour just to operate

I'm sure some get by on less but on average every trip is $2-4 in costs $8-10 an hour they're also getting .60 a mile while I'm getting $1.20+ with the same costs

A 2015+ is getting it in depreciation have you looked at used cars lately lol 2018s with 100K miles lmao

96% fail because for some reason they think it's cheaper than it is & Uber Lyft certainly don't calculate these costs because they don't have to pay them lol
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