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The 2 AM thing caught up with me.

Terri Lee

Well-Known Member
On the plus side, no one vomited.

Kicked out two different groups overnight.
The drunk self entitled brats actually seemed surprised I wasn't going to put up with them.

Here's a suggestion for riders; if you think there might only be one driver in your little burg at that hour of the night, try knocking off the "we're drunk smart asses" routine.

You know, if you really wanted to get a ride all the way home.


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Good for you.

Had some idiots to deal with last night myself. Spoiled College scumbags dropped the pin in the wrong place. I arrive, of course, they're not there. Not that it matters cause when I called them, she says "I'm, we're not ready". To which I reply, "well, why not?" She tells me that she hadn't looked at her phone, i.e not paying attention. So I told her to cancel ride. I drove around a couple of minutes.... sure enough she canceled, since she couldn't order another ride while tied up with me.

I think she was surprised I stood up to her.... most drivers just go with it and don't put up any fight.