That new pier at the Ferry Building is a problem


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I guess there is a newish pier on the south side of the Ferry Building. I had two riders request a drop off there this week for the first time. The problem is that there is no place to pull over because of course a bike lane runs the length of the Embarcadero and it’s well used by bicyclists. The first lady was cool when I told her I had to drop her at the white zone in front of the Ferry Building which is about 100 feet further. But today a @@@@@@bag from AirBnB gave me a 1 star for telling him the same thing, even though I dropped him at his request in an illegal area in between the crosswalks just slightly past his location. He had input an address of 109 Embarcadero so watch out for that address and let’s try to be consistent in taking them all the way to the white zone. I have a feeling it won’t be long until the meter maids swarm it like the Caltrain station.