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Thanksgiving/Black Friday

What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving?

Any Black Friday plans or Hot deals?

Next week I'm hoping to uber $1000 for Black Friday shopping!

Looking for a new laptop, my Mac is dying. It's so old.

Any one cooking for thanksgiving?

Also planning to uber on Black Friday.

Hopefully everyone stuffs themselves with food good and good tips from ubering.

Another Uber Driver

Well-Known Member
Black Friday has been weird for the cab, over the years. Some years it is pretty good. Some years it ain't so good. I had planned for UberX on Black Friday last year, but wound up in the cab. It was mostly Uber Taxi pings, too.


Well-Known Member
It will be slow here during Thanksgiving weekend mostly because everybody leaves the town. And also lot of part timers think it is going to be busy and flood the streets. Airports are definitely going to be busy though, so "airport warriors" can definitely make some bank.

Tom Madison

Well-Known Member
I tried this last year on Black Friday hoping that people might want to avoid parking at the mall. Started early...around 6am...near Tysons and had a handful of short rides over 2 hours. Probably stayed online until about noon and made something like $80...definitely not worth it IMO and with the increase in drivers I doubt that it will be any better. This is one of those days where Uber should team with some of the larger malls with some sort of promotion because I don't think that people consider Uber on days like this and it is a perfect use case.
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