Thanks to unet especially miami posters

A U canes

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Are you accepting pool ?
Used to accept all pings at begining. Now only accept them on DF. Sometimes if first passenger is a woman and stop new request. I usually drive from 6 pm to 4 am three days a week. I need to be selected on my riders during those hours.


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Been driving around 6 month in miami all you help me a lot during learning period. Thank you for all those crazy post and comments. Without them it could have been a lot harder. Thanks.
Yes, this is a very helpful forum.

It's natural in discussion forums (other than Disney :rolleyes:) for people to complain more often than not. But this particular forum has always had a number of contributors who provide real help to other drivers. I think we're all grown up enough to realize that the chance of being a face-to-face competitor for a ride with someone here is about the same as getting hit by lightning -- so there is no harm in helping another driver.

If you go to most city forums, you'll find a lot of people doing nothing but complaining or taxi trolls telling each other how bad Uber is.

My personal opinion is that if most of the 100% complainers would spend the time they waste posting crybaby stuff thinking about what they are doing when they drive, they'd make more money and enjoy driving more.