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Thank You


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I’m sitting at home smoking lunch on the Traeger. I’m on about my 4th or 5th Bacardi, snacking on some guacamole dip made from avocados and peppers grown in the garden. The sun is shinning, the grass is mowed, there are no flies on the patio.

Thank you to you guys and gals that are driving today.

Without you covering weekends, nights, bar close, the Fair, concerts, and Pool rides, I would not be able to work a reasonably sane schedule in the “insane” business we operate, and still take care of my parent as they approach, end of life.

For all you driving, here’s lunch. At my place, we call it the “Dale Earnhardt”.


Cheddar cheese, home pressed beef and blue cheese patty, pineapple, tomatoe, green bell pepper, spring onions on a onion hamburger bun. 7 layers for the 7 time champ.



Looks fantastic. Great job. Please for love of all that is holly next time use real cheese to honor such a masterpiece and not that faux plastic American cheese. Otherwise 9.5/10


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You are welcome. Thank you for the sincere thoughts and sharing some joy. It is very refreshing but lets not get carried away with this kind of stuff guys. I didn't just spend $20 on a book called "Snarky and Witty message board replies" for nothing.