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Termination without explanation.

Discussion in 'Flex' started by mrbrown2645, May 29, 2018.

  1. Amazon is definitely having a purge again. Ever since the updates to the app. Its either people with Androids (not the only victim) or maybe amazon's way of clearing out old contractors for new ones. The recent updates have caused some many problems doing blocks. I have for 4 times with in a 2 week period have not been able to continue onto the next the block after another, meaning if the app states the "you will continue delivery until (time) even though the blocks have different locations. I was not able to check in the blocks I was scheduled to do after. I was at the location of the block to start. Of course, I had screened shot everything, called support and emailed with vivid details on what happens with the app during those moments. But after 7 months with over a thousand deliveries and an average 97 percent summary report overall. They still let me go with no explanation either. I did ask to appeal and what policies I have violated since there is no explanation in the email, but as usual support can not create sentences on their own. Guess I'll keep bugging them until I get an answer.

    Any advice, do rely on this to pay for a lot things.

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  2. oicu812


    Just a guess that you just don't know how to use the app enough.

    I was asked to return to station today even though I have nothing to return and all packages have been delivered, I just click "help", "I'm at the location but GPS is not working" and my block is over. On to the next.

    As for Amazon purging drivers, it's a constant process as well onboarding new drivers. Nothing new.

    Advice: Don't rely on Amazon. Always have backup of backups.
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  3. I've been doing flex with 30hr plus a week for 7 months. I'm pretty I know how to use the app.
    I noticed that a few drivers I casually see were no longer coming around lately it sucks that amazon does that. Shouldn't weed out the ones that put in work and know how to proceed with anything that hits them. Now they have to start all over with a batch and confusion and chaos begins again.
  4. Bygosh


    That email is disheartening. Up until now they gave people a specific reason but that email just says "you are fired."
  5. oicu812


    Was terminated for late/missing 4 blocks in two weeks. Blaming it on the app. Amazon doesn't really care.
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  6. Bygosh


    That's a pretty good reason for termination.
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  7. oicu812


    That's a clear violation of the terms of service. One can missed/late for 4 blocks just not over a short period of time.
  8. rozz


    4 is excessive. Should've asked others how to clear out of previous block before starting next one.
  9. Yup I in fact do blame it on the app that is known to have malfunctions almost weekly. In this month of May went through over 5 updates involuntarily. I've been doing back to back blocks since I started back in 2017, had no problems continuing to the next block even if they were in different cities before then.
    Whenever it malfunctions, I reset everything until the problem is cleared, after finishing a block/route, press I've arrived at station, or The I'm at the address but my gps is not working, press the home tab when the time is up, sign out and sign in, clearing caches and storage, uninstall and reinstall app, restart my phone, but those methods were not working I did every trick I can think of. The app was so stubborn to stick with previous block info I could not at all check in to the next block even hours after the other block on two of those situations. I let support know about the situation while it happens, they addressed the all situations and sent a payment adjustment to my earnings and also mention that it would not reflect on my record supposedly. I'm not the only person this happened to.
  10. oicu812


    If the app is malfunctioning for you weekly, then the problem lies with your phone.

    Support aren't the final say whether something will or will not appear on your record. They can make payment adjustments and some other minor stuff, but overall useless for everything else.
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  11. Always have a backup phone
  12. Always have a backup gig...
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  13. This IS the backup gig. Even if you do 30+ per week, this should be your backup, not your career.
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  14. Wrong. If you're doing 30+ hrs/week, you should be working FULL TIME with benefits. With a backup gig being a secure job like doing scheduled pax driving (for private companies like Chariot), or working for a white van contractor that you could work on the side. Or go the traditional one on PT basis like UPS, PT weekend courier driver for USPS etc etc.

    Anything that would give you a reliable paycheck. Not another unreliable gig economy job like Doordash/Postmates etc. or like driving fUber with a backup Gryft.
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  15. Amazon is catching everyone who has been cheating to get blocks. They figured it out and caught all of you. Your account was red flagged and they looked into your history.

    They are getting smarter and want specific drives to do certain routes so all the cheating to get blocks won’t be tolerated anymore since it’s starting to impact routes.

    For example - a noob who sucks at delivering is cheating to get blocks and ends up getting a hard route that should of gone to an experienced higher tier driver. That noob can’t complete the route on time or can’t find an apt etc etc..and ends up returning items to the station or has dis satisfied customers and worst case costs amazon money because they have to comp a customers order.
    Last edited: May 30, 2018
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  16. Where's your proof on that? Mind sharing the memo? Inquiring minds of us non cheating scripters/bots need to know!

    IMO Amazon is being ..... Amazon. On steroids this time around. Looks like they hired a whole bunch of IT geeks who've got absolutely no clue of the traffic patterns/logistics in the field. Clueless entry level software personnel who've yet to travel outside the boundaries of their work cubicle/parent's residence safe spaces. Let alone leave the boundaries of their city or state.

    It's no wonder ppl's routes are so damned FUBAR.
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  17. kmatt


    North Korea
    It was said by Amazon that they expect at least a 98 percent successful delivery rating for drivers. You didn't meet this criteria. Simple as that.
  18. Unfortunately, I've met way to many individuals that rely on these gig jobs for full time employment.
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  19. 97 percent overall meaning over the course of those 7 months and thousands of deliveries. I'm really sure no one has a perfect record, I do fresh, I've had customers send me to another house (put in different address on order) as a surprise for their friend or family member, some which contained alcohol which requires ID scan but they were not home, thus return package which equals a problem on your record, which is unfair.

    Even though I tap really fast for minutes at a time to get blocks, never received a warning about using outside service or whatever to grab blocks, that recently been going on for the past few weeks.

    You can achieve 30hrs+ by doing a couple hours after work and doing almost 20 over the weekend.
  20. You answered your own question. Amazon does not want below average on time delivery completion. 98% is what they are after. If you trend below that you will get let go, assuming a manager doesn't put a ticket in for you to be excused for the package you had an unusual problem with. This isn't just for flex drivers either. If you work directly for Amazon and are on time less than 98% of the time you will no longer be able to clock in. The managers don't fire you, an algorithm does.

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