Tennis, Anyone?


Late yesterday afternoon I was in the vicinity of Houston Intercontinental Airport and received a Ping to pick up a passenger at a nearby high school. Why would anybody want to be picked up at a high school at 7:00 p.m. on a Friday in the middle of the summer? But I proceeded to the school and wasn't too surprised to find nobody at the front door. Then I received a call: "We're at the tennis courts behind the school." Still somewhat skeptical, I drove around to the tennis courts, and found three young guys wearing tennis gear and holding tennis rackets. Destination: The Ramada Inn at the airport. I had to ask what was going on here.

Turns out they were on their way to a tennis tournament in Mexico and their connecting flight in Houston got cancelled, so United Airlines got them rooms at the Ramada Inn. They had a lot of time to kill, so, being tennis players, they took a Uber to the closest nearby high school to play some tennis.

Tim In Cleveland

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I've picked up from schools after hours. Schools always have special events. Once I went to one while ticked off at cancelling a ride because they were hoping to stuff 6 into my 4 seats and picked up the sweetest couple who had just finished "after prom". It was such a nice way to end my day.