Uber promo to get ASU students cheap fares to last how many more nights? I drive nights only till 4 or 5 AM Thurs-Sunday. Been driving 6 months. Made it through Summer by upgrading SUV to 3rd row option for XL. EVERY TIME i work on effective placement for surge hikes and i do allot of waiting (i admit). But i have become good at placement predictions and do decent numbers.. BUT then Uber throws the entire valley's rythm by doing these Tempe 1.2 nights! And all the new peeps out there constantly leaving their app on is showing how stupid this all is!

On rider app it looks like Tempe is have a snake pitt group hug off pf Mill! Do they just want to slave for pennies or...?

ALL drivers would benefit $$$ if they simply learned how to ALLOW a surge to even begin!
Dont let the PAX play the app against us! Be SMARTER THEM THE PAX!!! They need us more then you all act like it! Let them come to YOU. Be PATIENT! Relaxed. And if the surge drops drastic instantly from like a 2.8 to a 1.4???? Get OFF the app! Otherwise you're just a sucker for punishment and taking food out my kids mouths. Rant over. Thanks.

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I agree. So many noobs don't let the surge materialize. I watch surges forming around 1.2-1.4 and many drivers head to the area with their apps on. Surge over! Then they leave their apps on when the surge goes away! Turn it off and let the surge re materialize (is that a word?). Turn your apps on around 2!!! Like danielNuber said, the pax need you!


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Thanks, Hey Now.. In addition to easily changing the crap average pax attitude by making the PAX DO THEIR PART and show us ths same respect we show them-- their is SO much money left in Ubers and Pax's pockets instead in ours and of all of us busting our asses! Think people think! This is a service provided.. Do you expect your food served cold and crusty when out to eat? No! The server and the customer must work together to get best results! So expect MORE from them! Including tips ect.. We are stronger together and can easily change the Uber ridef culture if we demand it. My car. My rules. They are the lucky ones. Always provide the best service. Everybody wins.