tell the Senate to support the Senate bill (S-2179).


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received email from Uber...

Right now, the New Jersey Senate is considering a bill that would allow Uber to stay in New Jersey for the long term—and the Senate needs to hear from riders like you! Other legislation being considered would potentially force Uber out of the Garden State, which is why we need your support for the Senate bill.

Your voice matters—tell the Senate to support the Senate bill (S-2179).


Tony from New Jersey

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The senate said it is waiting for the rates to drop to 50c/mile.
Senate does not have to wait too long. It is moving towards .25 a mile. If desperate and brainless drivers are willing to drive for .85, uber is happy and pax is happy. Only drivers are getting f.... without the lube, and the funny part is: they don't even feel the P A I N.
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