Taxi medallion values hit new low as PPA sets minimum bid for upcoming auction


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If Uber really wants to kill Taxi (well, they dont, for now.), Uber can let driver and pax set the rate, then Taxi will be totally dead.

But yeah as the Uber rate drops to less than $1 a mile after fees, it makes sense to drive taxi than UberX to make money.


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well 55 star might be correct about alot of things . #1 is no pings . he is 100% wrong. but is correct about lower pay.
plus i dont believe cab Medallions in phila with go higher in 2 years.
but i agree with him 100% that uber quality is getting low , as they flood market with low quality drivers with old cars ( not me.
and if uber did in phila like SF $500 promo for 100 rides each week. they would kill the cab business.
instead zero bonus's. but i can say first hand most cabs are rude and cars are still dirty. do i beileve they are having a great summer yes