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Taxi Drivers Protest Uber Rate Cuts in NYC


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If we want our fares to go up ... our best bet is to enlist our cabbie brethren. From prior experience as a cabbie, most cab fares are regulated by city ordinance; primarily to prevent cab companies from increasing fares ... but by the same token, unlike Uber/Lyft, cab companies cannot lower their fares whenever they want either, since fares are fixed/regulated by city ordinance. The very act of regulating cab fares and allowing Uber/Lyft to lower their fares whenever they want creates an unfair competitive advantage for Uber/Lyft which possibly violates Section 5 of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Act.

While cabbies would prefer to see Uber/Lyft disappear from the streets, that is unlikely to happen in the near future. However, if TNC drivers and cabbies could band together to encourage (force) city regulators to require the same minimum fare for UberX/Lyft and taxis ... then the unfair competitive advantage disappears and consumers are making their choice to select a driver based on something other than lowest fare (since cabs can never lower their fares, without cities changing their ordinances ... which is a long arduous process).

*I am not a lawyer so my opinion, while informed, is just my opinion. Whether or not Uber/Lyft pricing practices actually violate FTC Act should be left up to an attorney specializing in antitrust law.

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