Taxi drivers in Puerto Rico...


In Puerto Rico the fight with Taxi drivers has gone to far and the Government doesn't say nothing. Taxi drivers say that their is a law that they abide by wich is from 196X but a judge ruled a couple months ago that Rideshare drivers are under the Department of Transportation and we have can't be seen as taxi drivers. Here is the thing that in revenge Taxi drivers are hitting out vehicles and damaging personel property. You call 911 and they take forever while being harrased by the taxi drivers. This has gone to far here. In your area do you have the same problems? And what have you done when confronted by a taxi driver?


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Netherlands Europe. I think it is the same as what they have in New York. Think the solution is only to be found in levelling the playingfield. Less rules for taxi, and some more for rideshare. Keeping the government burden equal on both.