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Taxes due


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hey guys. today is the last day to file taxes. can anyone recommend a place that doesn't cost a fortune please and does good taxes for uber. I appreciate your help.


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Yeah you can file for extension online for both federal and state though both need to be done on separate sites. Then you will have until Ocotober to complete your taxes. I can do those for only $20 if you guys are interested!


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Let me get right?

You the highest quality for the lowest payment....

Yup , you got a cold case of Uber symdrom

Bet you dont tip for good service either...lol


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For a simple case , u can file for free by urself. Not that difficult as long u know what deductions/expenses u r claiming.

Try h and r block online, free upto 66000 gross... very hard for u to have that after deductions unless u r ubermike 24/7


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Dont matter. He is wayyy to busy. He wasnt available to do my taxes because i tried to do em last week and he was booked. Try generic places like liberty tax or jackson hewitt etc
Im filing an extension myself I just need a good accountant on hand period I could use him in october

Your guy is good. No nonsense. He has a file just for “Uber drivers” he told me he does almost 30 every year.But he’s only filing extensions today.

Can y’all message me his info


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That accountant above is pure garbage. I left him a message with his assistant twice in the last month.

First one he did return my call, after I told him I was an FHV driver with my own single member LLC, he said "Call me Monday" and hung up the phone.

After that I called him again on Monday (one of the Monday's of March) and left a message with his assistant, never got back to me.

Can't deal with rude mofos with attitude, like I should beg him to do my taxes, etc.

Most accountants, attorneys and insurance brokers are like that (rude mofos) towards the potential clients when they know that the client is an FHV/limo or taxi driver.

So, eventually I took my business elsewhere. They all can go and "F" themselves!
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At least he is trying to pay taxes: the major of app drivers think that Uber pay for it and they are tax free.
You know that it's completely right in meet some drivers and they have no idea about taxes. Plus they argue with me telling me that taxes are paid from the 10% they take from the rides. I had nothing to say I just was like wow!

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