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Tax crackdown on uber drivers in victoria


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Nothing new...UberX bank accounts scanned for ridesourcing income. Make sure all foreign depositories and GST and income is declared


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The Australian Taxation Office said the part of its intent was “to protect businesses from unfair competition”.
Does this mean the ATO will be locking horns with the ACCC ? What we need is an ABBB (Australian Better Business Bureau) to look after small business owners the way the ACCC looks after the consumer.

Of course the ACCC doesn't care if the business is unfair or even illegal as long as the consumer is getting their goods/services half price is the main thing.

Uber, uber alles

"Never has so much been owed by so many to so few".
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The ATO will use its powers to obtain records from services like Uber to match with tax records. Intersting!

So.. not just bank deposit details from financial institutes but actual payment details. Hmm
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