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I don't know bro. You was judging a few of us with the whole "obese" thing but here you are telling us you start trips early to filter what trips are your favorite Lol I wait until they get in, even if it cost them pennies I don't want to hear anyones mouth, most pax are cheap or love nagging and remember if they are waiting for you and verifying who you are they will see that they are in the trip and who wants that headache :rolleyes:

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When you arrive you have two minutes before wait time pay time starts... In my market that's 10¢ a minute. Starting a trip will also give me 10¢ a minute. So there's no benefit to starting a trip. Also if they don't show its a hassle if the trip is started.


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the best thing to do is wait for the passenger to get in the car and make sure is the right passenger .Because if may you get the wrong passenger and u are already in the trip .he is gonna know that.so he cancel the trip and he got refund and he gift you with one star.and u didn,t get any thing cuze it was wrong rider and u have to hear from uber their popular message plz make sure u double check the name of the passenger
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always start the trip after u let the pax know you have arrived via telephone call. I hate having to fumble with the phone after they get into my car. Other drivers do this all the time and it holds up traffic. Keep the traffic flowing. It's part of the preparation; so in and off you go.
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