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Hi Guys,

Need your help

I was taken right in the CBD couple of times and I was very nervous. Google navigation was playing up in cbd - navigation was at times 15-20 seconds behind in the cbd and kept rerouting for no reason, missed a couple of turns and made me more nervous. On each occasion I 'ended the trip' early and I apologized and informed the rider of this.

Could you guys please give me some tips on driving in CBD/harbour bridge. I would love to avoid it but that doesnt help as you might be riding in the inner west and the rider wants to go to CBD.

Do you guys use any thing other than Google Maps which works better and gives you lane guidance too? I was looking in to buying a GPS but the problem is the uber navigation automatically starts Google Navigation and if I use a different GPS I will have to enter the address manually each time and this doesnt help when the rider has dropped a pin instead of typing the actual address.

Would really appreciate some suggestions/tips?
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Same happens to me even its been 2 months now I am ubering. Still no clue of CBD roads.

Edit: It would be great if Uber integrate TomTom in the app. At least it gives you lane guidance.


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Install Waze and learn to use it well. In the Driver Uber App setting naviation, select waze as default. Play with waze setting, select fast and private in waze setting. Waze sometimes chooses the long route that would upset the rider so always select reroute option then map to see if shortest route is being selected. Pay attention to those city tunnel route with toll that would make the riders unhappy too, again select reroute to see all the routes and select the shortest and no unnecessary toll route. Be calm, always recheck and monitor ur route when stopping so u r prepared. Also make sure ur phone gps is workinh ok, faulty phone gps will terminate ur Uber career :wink: Test test test that everything works fine.
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The first morning I started pick up 0420hrs New Farm Google Maps went down! Not a good start Service centre advised WAZE it also shows some red light cameras as well its also free, always good to have a backup.


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Google navigation was playing up in cbd
This was likely because of the tall building affecting your GPS's ability to receive directional signals from atleast 4 satellites.
Make sure you turn wifi on (wifi assists your GPS by scanning for known Wifi networks and approximating your location) as this may help.

As for Waze, you will either love it or hate it (I personally love it).
There is more of a learning curve, but IMHO it is much better at navigating around traffic than others (never use it in a heavy vehicle as it is very much in favour of back streets!)


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Sygic is an excellent Navigation app, but it isn't compatible with Uber. You could still use it, but it means that you need to manually key in each address.
Plus you have to pay for the live traffic addon (where as Waze you don't)

You could spend a full week on here reading about ratings. But users have 2 weeks to rate you. I.e. the next time they open the app, they are forced to rate their previous ride.


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As gOOr said, tall buildings blocking/reflecting signals from the satellites.

First thing to do is make sure your phone is mounted where it has a good view of the sky. Best place usually on the windscreen, above the dashboard/glareshield.

Become familiar with the city streets, so that when you're having SatNav problems you can navigate yourself. Study the street directory, including where major hotels, restaurants, tourist destinations, etc. are. Drive around the city without a passenger. Better still, walk around the city; trying to learn while dodging city traffic can be distracting.

Don't use Waze. If Google Maps is giving you problems because of intermittent satellite coverage, Waze will make things even worse. Its routing will take you down back alleys. Another problem I've experience with Waze, it seems to go back to the Waze server for everything, rather that processing locally in your phone. If you have an intermittent mobile data connection, Waze will get lost, even if GPS is working ok. With Google Maps, it does navigation locally in your phone. You can also download the map areas that you most often use, and then you're completely independent of the mobile data connection.

In the partner app, click Account / Settings / Navigation and then set your preferred navigation app. You can also set it to "Ask on every trip", then you can compare and see which you prefer.


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Before starting driving for Uber, I've been using the TomTom app on my iPhone. Prefer TomTom to anything else I've tried.
I've suggested to Uber to add TomTom as a navigation option in the driver's app. But they have some deal with Google, so I think GM and Waze are the only navigation options we'll get.


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Try to learn the basics of the cbd like your 5 times tables

College, Elizabeth, castlereagh, Pitt, George, york, Clarence, Sussex...
Ok, that's east to west.... Not so hard.
North to south
Circular quay, bridge, King, market, park, Bathurst, liverpool and then some...
But there you have it, 14 ordinary streets make up the bulk of the cbd, some one way, some aren't...

Learn the basics and then the Gps can support that...

If a pax say Elizabeth and market st you really should have some idea where that is...
Maybe not full taxi knowledge, but the basics of where it is...

Btw, I'm using the uber map and it's fine ..
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Whe your at the traffic lights. Scroll ahead on the map so you know what turns are coming up ahead. You can still do this whole you are chatting away to the customer.
Whe your at the traffic lights. Scroll ahead on the map so you know what turns are coming up ahead. You can still do this whole you are chatting away to the customer.
I do this and it works perfectly.

My Google Maps froze today while in the middle of a trip but lucky i had looked beforehand to check what turns to take.