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Sweet Jesus... Make it stop Lyft

Discussion in 'Lyft' started by ATL-Lyft, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. ATL-Lyft

    ATL-Lyft New Member

    I had a meeting in a specific place this afternoon so I just went offline...

    About an hour before the meeting, my app alerted me there was a "scheduled pickup in my area". I checked it out and it was a short knock-out that left me where I needed to be... I'm sure you can guess what happened next...

    I went online about 20 mins before the p/u and the scheduled ping hit immediately. About 5 mins into the trip, I was "rerouted" to another p/u in the area from an office building notorious for airport runs (1+ hour away)... I called pax to check his destination... Airport of course... I apologized to him that I wasn't going to be picking him up since I didn't actually accept his ride and cancelled and went offline...

    Awesome job Lyft... You managed to hose TWO customers in a span of 5 mins... Thanks for "helping" everyone involved in this fiasco...
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  2. Leelyft

    Leelyft New Member

    Los angeles
    Typical Lyft!!
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  3. circle1

    circle1 Well-Known Member

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  4. the ferryman

    the ferryman Well-Known Member

  5. JimKE

    JimKE Well-Known Member

    My first ping yesterday afternoon was a Lyft pax with a 4.9 rating. She was 8 minutes away, but supposedly going in the direction of my DF. We'll never know because Lyft canceled the ride and I turned Lyft off for the rest of a busy evening.

    I'm also tired of Lyft's BS "Your acceptance rating is low" when my acceptance rating is 100%. Thank goodness we're entering busy season and won't need Lyft until next summer.
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