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SUV vs Mini Van


Hi guys, i'm still thinking about switching cars. I drive with Lyft now but i think to drive for both (uber) now i have 2 cars to chose which car i will drive.

-. 15' Ford Escape Titanium (vanilla leather)
-. 11' Chrysler Town & Country Limited (black leather)

1.Ford Escape on Lyft will be only for regular Lyft and Line correct?
2. Ford Escape on Uber will be X/Pool and SUV ?
3. Chrysler on Lyft will be only for regular Lyft/Line and Plus ?
4. Chrysler on Uber will be only for X/Pool/XL ?


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Ford Escape on Uber will be X/POOL only...nothing a 2004 Chevy Aveo can't do.

SUV is only for OL or TLC plated Tahoe/Suburban/Escalade, etc.


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Use the van. The escape won't get you anything other than x/pool.
This is what i want to hear !
This. Van is older, depreciation hit is less, you'll get XL calls. Gas mileage between the two is negligible.
I don't care about depreciation for minivan, because i put there 3-4k in repairs now and i have a choice to drive it for rideshare or sell it for 5k, so i decide to drive it on lyft/uber but my friend offer me his Ford Escape for rent 30-40 per day, minivan i have for free because i'm owner but i put here engine with 50k miles and suspenssion with brakes and tires are brand new so the better deal for me will be if i'm gonna work for XL.

Thank you again for your help guys !