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Suspension yes but wait for the 2 twists

Discussion in 'Chicago' started by Halfmybrain, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. I got permission to post this from another group because, twists. Edited slightly for clarity or brevity.

    "A few days ago I picked up this boy [of age] from 66th & Normal and drove him to 130th during rush hour on a express pool. We did not talk the whole time as he was on his phone, once I dropped him off I said have a wonderful day and completed the trip.

    "At 130th & Halsted I get a message from uber that a rider has reported that I was inebriated by drugs or alcohol!! So they suspended my account. I went straight to the Pullman hub so they can see that I was not inebriated. They told me that I would be back on after 24 hours, also that this same person has done this to 8-9 other people and that it must be to get a refund of the ride which uber did, and that they where going to look into his account and block his account."

    Twists: Repeat offender, Showing up at the hub within minutes of the report.
  2. radikia


    also that this same person has done this to 8-9 other people and that it must be to get a refund of the ride which uber did, and that they where going to look into his account and block his account."

    OH YEAH , FUBAR has your back people !!!!!!!!!!
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  3. SatMan


    Uber lies........And I would insist that I was reinstated or a phone call to the news stations will follow along with my
    lawyer. OH, don't forget to record it....Screw their policy of "no cameras or video"
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  4. What a effin beach! Find him at his location and beat his ass. When they question,tell them since he did it to 8-9 other people,it could be anyone of those.
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  5. lmwzwwj


    Picking up minor at Englewood doing express pool during rush hour? How desperate is the driver
  6. They don't have a policy for no cameras or recording.
    You are allowed to do both.

    Just can't upload on YouTube or other such sites.
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  7. toyota777


    Look it at as a learning experience.
    No minors
    No Uber express
    No pool
    Do not rely on Uber
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  8. SatMan


    Not in a GLH!
  9. Do not rely on Uber - best advice

    Tuesday morning I carded a rider that looked 12 after he lied that he was 18 and tried to keep saying he was 18 even as he was showing me his ID. Surprise he was only 16, so I told him I cannot give you a ride without an adult. He had no idea about the TOS and said many other drivers have taken him before. He was upset, canceled the ride and 10 mins later, my account was on hold. Called support immediately and said Ill go to the hub now for a breathalyzer or drug test. Said it won't matter, special team needs to investigate. I said let me talk to them then and was told they don't talk on the phone. Asked them how are they going to investigate if they don't even talk to me and then thanked support for being utterly useless again. This was my first ride in a couple days so pretty obvious who reported me for being impaired even though support would not confirm or do anything at the time. Took 24 hours for their "investigation", then my account was reactivated with the warning of if we get more complaints like this...
    I told support this rider's account needs to be deactivated so he can't do this to other drivers. They are gonna "investigate", good story, probably will do nothing. I also told support next time I see someone that looks underage approach my car, I am driving away without a word. Same for kid without a car seat. Only way I can think of to protect myself from made up accusations like this one. This was in Elmhurst 3 blocks from my house. Thought about going to talk to the parents, maybe threaten to consult a lawyer, but decided nothing good could come from going to the kid's house. I had lyft for the day, but goes to show, do not rely on rideshare, your next pickup could be your last. I'm mostly only doing rides now when it suits my needs. F-Uber!!

    Not sure what else I could've done here. Anyone have any other ideas how to protect yourself from this bs?
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  10. georgiahomeboy


    south burbs.
    über has been babying customers since the start. that's fine but uber does not have your back. plus with quest incentives and now Uber Pro qualifications every type of ride is a GO.
  11. The term "of age" means "adult."
    "Boy" is something the original writer, because of age, gender, and culture, uses in a non-legal sense.
  12. Randy Jack

    Randy Jack

    I want here lawyer!
  13. Pedro Plascencia

    Pedro Plascencia

    Chicago & Waukegan Il.
    A union steward may have gotten this resolved with the little punk paying you lost wages.

    Keep riding like lone rangers, you`ll get far.

    P.S. I am writing this while enjoying my coffee at Stabucks, Grand and Green Bay Rd, Waukegan... Thanks to my day off for veterans day. My regular job union got me this.

    If you`re around, stop by, coffee`s on me.
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  14. Wow, prancy-pants polisi vs. Samurai who does not want them to "fak my . . . . . . . . . . . . . brain"
  15. litentite


    Lol your right that's what you get for picking up pool ride lol
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