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Suspended the week before XMAS, I'm back in the saddle again

Discussion in 'Connecticut' started by Retired Senior, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. Retired Senior

    Retired Senior

    So I took my brother Mark and our 91 year old Mom out to lunch 3 weeks ago, to Vinny's Pizza in Bridgeport Ct. (Best thin crust pizza in Bridgeport and a delightful clam casino, white pizza - especially if you specify additional garlic and bacon!)

    Mark was sweating like he was in a sauna. His shirt was soaked thru with sweat. He said: I didn't know if I should tell you that I was sick and stay home, or if I should go and let you see that, really, I am sick.

    I said: trust me Mark, I do believe that you are ill!

    A week later, I began coming down with the flu, but at first I thought I was only very tired and so I still tried to work....

    I picked up this one young woman and tried to chat happily away like I always do about anything and everything... but my conversation kept running out of steam. I dropped her off at her stop and I went home. The next day I tried to sign on to the Uber Driver's App and found out that I was suspended - for suspected DWI.

    Because I had done so few jobs in the last few days I knew who the cretin was that falsely accused me, and I was tempted to drive to her house and confront her - but then I snapped fully awake and realized that this was not me, and that to even think this way for a minute was a sign that something was off... Later that day I began to soak my clothes... high fever and the chills at the same time... ****! I caught the flu from Mark!

    Uber Corp and I entered into a series of e-mails in which they told me that they were simply doing their job and "due diligence" and that their "investigation: would take 24 hours and that I would be suspended during that time.

    Well, I questioned how they were going to investigate a "he said, she said" incident. I said that I wished the rider had called the cops immediately so that they could have breath-analyzed me. Two days later I drove to Stamford - even though I was still ill - and I went to the Uber office to plead my case.

    Two days later I awoke to find myself reinstated. It had been a miserable week, filled with fear about the immediate future. Now that I can drive again, I see more than ever the need to save every penny that I can, because I have never worked a job, in all of my 64+ years, in which I was so vulnerable to 1 person's opinion!
    But - at least for now -
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  2. MercDuke


    Yep, that's a scary part of this job, one jerk can ruin the entire job for you. I picked up a guy at a Marijuana Grow and took him home a few weeks ago, and of course he stunk up the car. I spent the next few days explaining to almost every passenger that, "No, man, I don't even smoke weed anymore....." Marijuana is legal here, and fortunately, no one complained, but visions of deactivation were dancing in my head.
    Good luck, and glad you are feeling better!
  3. That's the nature of the game. People see this as being like a job, but it's not. Any driver can be terminated at any time, for any reason (or no reason).
  4. Big man xl

    Big man xl

    I keep telling you to talk less to these people. Just drive!
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  5. Squirming Like A Toad

    Squirming Like A Toad

    At least it was timed right, your deactivation was for a time when you probably shouldn't be driving anyway. Just like a ballplayer getting suspended for a week when he's too banged up to play.

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