Suspended license from unpaid traffic fines


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Hey guys.

My dad is looking into uber to supplement his income. He has a NSW drivers license from Queanbeyan. He can change to ACT if he wishes.

He's had his license suspended in NSW from unpaid traffic fines a few time but it was reinstated the day after.

Would this have a major effect on him going onboard with uber or is it easier for him to get an ACT license? Thought I'd ask here first before dealing with the uber robots.

Also we both use the same car, both our names are on it but in the ACT you can only have one name so it's under my name as the sole operator.

I'll post this in the ACT thread as well.



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The only sure way is to visit your local Uber office.
No shit! It's obviously closed at the moment and hence why I'm looking at other sources of information.

Doesn't matter they covered my question well in the Sydney group.