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This is happens frequently: I land on a surge >$8 perfect scenario I land on it without moving....I wait forever for a ping which sometimes never comes, do I stay with the potential surge and pray it comes or move over to lyft for lesser $. Previously if I got a surge the ping would follow right away..


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If I have a sticky surge and the map still shows the surge zone I wait it out. When the surge map leaves the screen and I only have the sticky surge left I turn Lyft back on. If I get Lyft ride I leave the Uber app on so I dont lose the sticky surge. If I happen to get a ping on Uber I accept and if they cancel oh well at least I don't lose my sticky surge. Rinse and repeat until I get a trip on Uber with the sticky surge.

I normally don't run a trip on one app and leave the other app open. However since I feel Uber uses surge to get drivers to move around if I find myself in one I'm taking advantage of it.