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Drove from Bridesburg to S. Philly with zero pings. Story of my life, time to head to my second job!


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Same here. I was right in the middle of a blood red surge around 10 PM. Drove around old city, northern liberties, fishtown, no pings. Finally got a request at dave & busters going to cherry hill, no surge. On the way back I was about to log off and got a text from uber: "If you go to PHL Airport now, you can quickly receive a request. Wait times are short with only 5 partners waiting". So I did. Got a ping instantly - trip out to Valley Forge, $10 tip. Not a bad night.


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On my way to pick up a 1.9 I snapped off my side view mirror. Great night. Canceled the ride and fixing it.


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Went to jersey tonight. Been working well for me on Thursday nights, but definitely the wrong choice tonight.


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Tonight was very busy in CC.

Lyft prime time 400% in U city at one point.

Lyft did try to send me pickup in jersey a few times when I was in south philly. Wtf

Caught a 2.5x and 2x to manyunk and Chestnut hill from CC after midnight with no traffic.

Vinestreeet express way closure sucks though.


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i was in blood red surge at 4 pm yesterday from 1-95 to train station thur by way of market st 2+ surge not 1 ride. never in 2.5 years driving. i think its a fake surge imo...just like that 2.0 at phl they put on. u better better in a 10 car Q or less or 99 cars get thier and its off. what a tease. total waste of time. pay sucks at phl imho. ya sure u tips and far rides. but i got a CC in a very low Q . took 95 n to 11 market $14 you can have those long $1.10 mile rides with 100% dead miles back on week days very late..fridays and sat. u should get something everywhere early to offset dead miles


Airport surged long enough for 3 straight trips last night. That was a first. And on the last, caught a pax to Mt Laurel then Filtered home and caught a Mt. Laurel to Deptford...made my night