Surge when offline versus online


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Hey all, long time lurker, first time poster and part time driver.
I've noticed the past few days that the "surge" says one thing when I'm offline ($7.50 @ RDU or $18 @ PNC, both last night) but as soon as I go online, the surge either totally disappears or changes to 1/3 of what it just said. I'm assuming this is Uber's snarky way of getting us to an area that may be busy soon but thought I'd check in.

One other thing lately, on the regular app I saw only one other car in my area at 3:30am but the PAX said he saw 9. Again, no big deal, just curious, usually can see the 5 closest to you.


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I've noticed sometimes I will drive into a surge area on the map, but the dollar amount I should have locked in does not pop up on the screen. If I close the app then relaunch it, the surge map updates to the latest. Sure enough, the surge area had shrunk or disappeared. I think the map on the phone lags the actual surge areas.

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The app does not update properly when you are offline and frequently lags but a minute ir two. I use a secondary app tp get real time surge, it's called nosurge.
For the longest time the app has only shown the 5 nearest cars in rdu. In other locations like DC they show 7 or 9.


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I had the app open on Saturday night when driving for lyft but I was not online. (I have decided not to drive unless there is a surge/pt) I never saw a surge from 11pm to 3am so I never went online.


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I video the phone. Evidence. Oddly, when I video it... 9 out of 10 times I get the surge. However, a few times the surge went away for 15 minutes... and then I did not get a ride at all until I logged off and on and restarted the phone.