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Surge pricing = great pay day but poor rating


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Yes,I think riders get pissed off at the driver for higher prices. I'm having the same problem and really find this practice unfair but on the other hand I don't really care I'll just rate then 3 or below. Two can play that game...
yea but how do you know they gave you a low rating after ending the trip? Once you see the fare price, you know they aint gonna be happy, I suppose if you get them again, you could exact revenge..but im sure it will b forgotten by then


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I'm a fairly new driver. Actual days driven, 10. Average riders per day driven, 8. This is a noobs observation and only my thoughts since starting.

My opinion of surge is that it's evil, and Uber has caused this due to reduced rates. Surge has pitted rider against driver and I actually witnessed it this morning. I've read multiple accounts of what the rider will do to keep from paying surge prices. Giving destinations out of the surge area, waiting until surge subsides, and shortening trips or canceling trips altogether. I've had two instances in my short Uber life due to surge and five out of ten riders that I've had either complain or have concerns about surge. Not good Uber.

Surge is a broken business model and I think it needs to be completely eliminated. To fix Ubers broken mess in my opinion, for starters, would be a $2.00 per mile rate, across the board no matter what market your in. This way every rider no matter where you are, knows exactly what their rate is going to be. The way it is now, riders are confused and obviously not the happy campers they could be if they could just get a straight fair. Implementing said rate, I think, would guarantee rider/driver ratios to even out resulting in both parties feeling compensated and ratings to stay as they normally would.

With these low rates, Uber is leaving so much money on the table it's ridiculous. I picked up a client that had used a taxi the day before I picked him up and said his taxi fair was $90.00. Ubers fair was $34.00. WTF!?!? Is it so hard for Uber to understand that if they just increased the rates by half, or doubled what they are now, they could double their money and still undercut taxi's? SMMFH and this is a multi-BILLION DOLLAR Company.

Bottom Line Uber...PAY YOUR DRIVERS!!

This is what happened this morning due to surge. Gotta ping surging at 1.5. It's a 10 minute drive for me. Arrive and no client in site. I send a text after about a five minute wait. Here is the result and I cancelled as a no show to help cover my ten minutes of dead miles.


Thanks Uber
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Yup. You got me. Lol.

The way you think it's impossible to make that, will prevent you to succeed in this. If you think it's a shitty gig and crappy pay, that's what you're going to get. Be positive man. Accept nothing less than 2.0x and you'll be happy.
Do you mean you don't accept a ping unless its surging at 2x?


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How many of you saw their rating drop after a few surged trips? I am trying get uber to understand this and override poor ratings given to drivers after a surged fare trip.
Hi. I'm new, just started Saturday. I drive in D.C.. I had ALL FIVE STAR RATINGS until today. One person have me 4. And one person paid a surge rate. I'm sure, it's one in the same. My riders have been great, telling me they're giving me five stars. But there is that one.... :eek:

I wrote to Uber. I won't stress myself over this. Uber needs to have a commonsense -approach with this dynamic. Otherwise, they'll lose this five-star driver. :rolleyes: I care about my riders. I can't control if they aren't happy about the price. :rolleyes:

Thanks for the topic. It validates what I suspected.


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Good thing they pay us in money and not ratings, because money actually matters ya know.

More surge than fare money, 5.0 rating for the week.
the issue is that you can lose money with lower ratings, for example if you opt in the fee back percentage based on how many fares. you are asked to keep a 4.7 or higher for the week.


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I'm making forty plus an hour, I don't opt into anything. Rating has never been higher. 4.86 on 1200 rides. One thing I might agree on is that if you do something @@@@@@ed on surge my rating might intensify for you. Something I might let go would bother me more.
I'm making forty plus an hour, I don't opt into anything. Rating has never been higher. 4.86 on 1200 rides. One thing I might agree on is that if you do something @@@@@@ed on surge my rating might intensify for you. Something I might let go would bother me more.
it's not a science just simple math. All this it's bs...nothing is consistent


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That is normal because people get upset when they paid more, just drive and I personally when I get a surge request and I start the trip i ask the passenger what route they prefer in that way they feel more comfortable. I get 5 always.


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Its a given that you will receive a low rating on surges... just this past weekend I had 3 surge rides and 1 of them was on 4.1x. A $10 ride ended up being almost $43 with surge. I get my ratings on my email and of my trips taken it said i received all 5 star ratings except for 3, which were for sure the surges people. SO theres nothing you can do about that just remember your rating is off your last 500 rides. Anyways, only thing I can think of is to rate the surge riders a 3 star or lower. you can always say hey your ride was too short for me to make any money on the surge and you took me away from other riders that may have paid more, lol!
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