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surge malfunction again????

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Good morning. I just came back from a week vacation. Just wondered whats going on here with surge map constantly misleading me.it shows a 1.6x but all pools and all other pings have no surge indications.....is this the new ubertrick now???
Thanks for the help


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Surounnding By surge 2.8x ,2.1x, 2.3x and the keep sending me back to back non surge calls
What the @@@@ is going on? It shows pax app surge too .

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That app has been acting up again...use then pax app to check surge
Yes i did.ridersapp was showing 1.6 later 2.3 it took 3 minutes approximately untill i got the ride with the right surge of 2.3. I guess they tried to shove al those unfullfilled rides with no surge first. But i wasnt that stupit.