Surge is an illusion

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I am in the middle of a $2,25 surge. Been sitting here for 30 minutes. No pings. WTF?
It will disappear as soon as I acccept a ping, then I get the message "Something went wrong" And it disappears. wtf/


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When the surge dies out, the cloud stays. It's a graphics glitch, (or manipulative tool)
If you close out the app to and reopen it, the cloud will be gone. It's been like this since sticky surge became a thing.
Yes this is total @@@@en bullshit behaviour by Uber. The cloud is the same and locked in size and location, but the $ value is no longer there. At the very least drop the cloud display once it has no dollar value. No doubt they want suckers to continue to flood the area even after sticky surge is over.


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Sounds to me like maybe you have a weak data plan and the surge cloud had updated but your phone hadn't... Gotta refresh the app often to keep from missing surge...if I'm surge hunting... I reset my app every 60 seconds...


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Solid 4G connection on Verizon. Restarting app doesn't affect it. As I headed away from the fake cloud a new "real" cloud appeared to it's north, with a dollar value showing. Fake cloud still showing and pulling in the unwitting to it's south.
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Surge has issues because ants will stay offline to increase surge, then all go online and the load on the server causes delays in the # and the cloud displayed. I'm a scab and my tactic is to just go online or stay online and not try to game surge. Then usually after getting the sticky surge there's too many ants in the area and its hard to get a ping, so I'll go somewhere else to get a ping.

Should've gone online when you saw the $13, the higher it gets the more likely ants will think its high enough and suddenly go online and you'll miss out. If you weren't ready to go and got a ping its not the end of the world if your marker doesn't move for a min or 2.

Also, I read in a guide that its a red flag in your account if you game surge. i. e. purposefully staying offline to see if it'll go higher, then going online. If you're too difficult of an ant you risk deactivation.


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How about this sucker? It's a literal illusion. Uber's infamous "ghost surge." I wonder if I'll get paid in ectoplasm?

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Yep. Looks like they misspelled Bull S hi t as 'Bull St'
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In Socal, the surge has changed back from a flat $X to the X%. And phantom surges definitely worse in 2020 so far. Its like a 10yr old kid is running their matrix.
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I had a small 3.25 surge today, but at the end of the ride it had ballooned to a 10.56 “adjustment to ensure that you receives significant portion of the rider surge price”. Don’t know what all that means but I LIKED it !


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Sitting at my house with a light rain. Socal that equates to a blizzard. Check the uber app and there is a $13 cloud over my house. Grab a few towels and start the app. 5 minutes go by and no pings. Next ride promising $3.25. What about the $13?? Get in car and drive away from house one mile and get a ping now guaranteeing me a $3.75 bonus. Whoopty do. Pull up to pin in the alley of an apartment complex on a pretty busy street. Try to call rider, phone not working. Send a text to inform them im in alley as per the pin and ask if they want different. No response. 3 minutes go by. Try calling. Nada. 5 mins mark em no show. Collect $4 no bonus. Idling further down the alley, still promised my additional $3.75. Surprised it didn’t just clear from the cancel. $13 surge zone completely gone. Decide not worth it. Back home. 4 miles, $4.

Why don’t I get the surge if I go back online? Wasn't I there when you needed me Uber? Usually the zone is 5-10 mins and if I drive towards it...poof its gone. This time it was on my couch. Still bogus. $13... $3.75. Nothing.
I avoid surge and I definitely avoid consecutive rides because those are all high school pickups which I can’t stand, takes ten minutes to exit the parking lot and the kids don’t understand or don’t care and of course never tip


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I had a small 3.25 surge today, but at the end of the ride it had ballooned to a 10.56 “adjustment to ensure that you receives significant portion of the rider surge price”. Don’t know what all that means but I LIKED it !
In theory if you have a sticky surge and get a ride in the surge zone while it is still lit up you will get the increased urge amount because the rider paid surge pricing. If you get a ride after the surge zone cleared from the map or the ride was outside the surge zone you only get the sticky amount because the rider did not pay surge pricing.


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If you are sitting in a $13 surge, you get the $13 on your next ride. At least it's that way in my market.

I am assuming "socal" means southern California? You have different everything there.