Surge during COVID-19


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Wow. Hit a whopping $1.25 last night. That's the most I've seen in 2 weeks. :poop:

I've seen a lot of delivery drivers the last little while. Quite a bit less regular drivers though. It's taking me twice as long to make what I usually do. How's everyone else holding up? Driving or no? I'm wearing a mask, making everyone ride in the back and wiping down the interior with Clorox wipes every couple of pax or so.



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Saturday the 14th last time I drove PAX. I've been doing DoorDash, and been doing decent. Avg about $20/hr. Made $270 last week, and $330 this week.

Now, compared to Uber/Lyft where I was pulling $800-1k a week. But I'm working like 1/3 the hours delivering, low miles, and a tank of gas lasting me like a week or more. To be honest, with the less hours and miles it's been enjoyable. Long as it's busy. But always the case with whatever your doing right?!?! And no dead heading when I call it a night. I've been doing a good portion of my deliveries from Redwood in Saratoga @losiglow .