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Superbowl action in Denver?!



I'm sure most people will just sit down on their butts and watch the gamest home hence indifference. The only people that are out are the belligerently drunk people, the best people to drive around. Yeah right.

Frontier Guy

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Started this morning, Lyft only, took a pax to DIA, 30 minutes Lyft only not a nibble. Signed into Uber, got a hit right away, pax going from DIA to CU medical center, halfway asked if we could detour to nearest Whole Foods (she was staying at one of the suits places by CU Med), nearest While Foods was another 15 miles away. All in All, what should have been a $25 fare, turned into a $50 fare, signed her and her husband (via long distance) up with Lyft under my referral for the $50 ea., then signed out of Uber. 10 pax on Lyft, 1 on Uber, started around 6:30 am, finished around 12:30, one odd ball cancel. Lyft ping, accepted, said pax was at a hotel, tried to tell me I was 3 minutes away, I was actually 25 minutes away WTF???, called and told her, she was in a hurry, said she'd go ahead and cancel and rerequest. I logged off, checked the map, there were 3 cars closer to her than me, so not sure why it came to me originally.

If the donkey's win, I would wait until 90 minutes after the game before heading downtown, DPD is gearing up for rioting, if so, it will a cluster-F of the highest order in LoDo and downtown in general. Personally, I'm not a Donkey's fan, so I don't care, but I'm getting ready to kick back with a juicy steak and Netflix.