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Hey I just wanted to introduce myself because I love attention.

I'm Avan. I'm from San Francisco and have been doing alllllll the app jobs for a couple years now. Racked up thousands of deliveries of both humans, food, and animals on foot, bicycle, scooter, and car.

Still the dumbass daydreaming for 20 seconds when the light turns green and doing exactly the speed limit in the fast lane (that's just for fun).

Nice to meet y'all


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The Attention you seek resides in the anti matter spectrum.

Yet driving slowly in the passing lane Will result in something in your Rear End.

I see from your Logo this may be a Desired Result Comrade.


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Getting rear ended by some rich guy doing 25mph over the speed limit in his Maserati will be more profitable than all the Uber driving I've ever done.