Suntrust Park - predictions?


I say Doom and Gloom! It's seriously my goal to quit driving by then, and luckily with other things coming together it's looking like I'll make it. They can cover what I see as an essentially racist move with their "baseball demographic" survey, but the only people this will benefit are in Cherokee Co. That crooked politician pushed it through without public oversight, now he's gone with his payouts and we are stuck with this clusterdiddle. Literally the only worse place they could have put it would be right by Spag Junction. And there's nothing wrong with the old stadium, which I hope Ga State makes the most of getting. Anyway, as the season progresses, they might work out kinks, or maybe by next year, but get ready for Spring Chaos: 41 shot, 75/285 even more shot, Vinnings, Smyrna, big portions of East Cobb, there's no telling how far the back up will spread. You will see plenty of surge red on your screens which will slowly spread to everyone's eyeballs as they slowly lose big portions of their lives in gridlock.


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Honestly, that area was already a traffic nightmare. There was no way it could be worse - that is, until they decided to put a baseball park there.

I already hate Cobb County. I will do my best to NEVER go there once this park is done. And I'm not just talking Uber. I mean in general. I love baseball, but when it comes to large events, if I can't take the train, I ain't going.


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Will avoid area at all times during evening rush hour like I always do. Will also avoid Braves games unless the Cubs are in town.