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Sunday 9/6

Discussion in 'Boston' started by BostonBarry, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. BostonBarry


    Boston, MA
    So I set out to drive Lyft 2pm-12am or later depending on demand and to get to 50 hours for my power driver bonus. Not a bad day! First two hours had me at $100 gross fares (not counting tips). Slowed down a bit after that, ended up around $220 at 10pm when I got a Plus request from Dorchester up to Salem. Normally I'd be stoked as I live on the North Shore, so getting a fare for the ride home can be tough. However, it was also two hours earlier than I had wanted to stop driving. My Plus fare was worth $54 for 30 minutes of driving and one pax needed a separate dropoff. Hooked him up with referral code and took him home in Peabody. At this point (around 11pm) Boston is blowing up. 150% PT, dark pink all over. Don't trust it though and really don't want to drive 30 minutes back south with no pax. Figure bars are closing here soon and stay local. Spend an hour waiting. Get a few rides at 1am including my new referral with a Plus trip and multiple stops. All in all, 12 hours for $320 gross + tips. My only regret is Boston. The PT 150% seemed to stay constant until 2am. Maybe I would have broke $400 if I went back. Anyone drive those hours in the city tonight, do well?
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