Summer Apps, new changes, Time to explore until Fall!

Jay Dean

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/Rant I could care less if the title offends what it is you want, it is what it is, Summer is a mess for ride requests and the perfect time for apps to get their shit together is now (summer) for Fall lol. So I wanted to make a post about it since people have obvious questions about why without a understanding how this city works, from my understanding (and that is the shitty summer of last year) the heat distracts major events from happening which includes corporate events (which pays heavily, I could list them) music festivals (which brings about thousands and thousands of pax I group them into spring/fall but you have google) holiday parties (yup, not any of that going on in Summer) Summer brings us a couple things...1. which is awesome concerts at COTA and 2. 4th of July..other then that nothing (from my view). Summer is a wreck. BOTG is a wash, but fun since we are all bored from nothing going on in Austin. This is what I gathered, prove me wrong Austin is NOT a summer city. /End Rant


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Jay Dean ... Love the rant! Spot on.

Working with IGL on their app ... summer is the perfect time to perfect the app & processes ... get everything dialed in before September when the money starts flowing in Austin again. 'til then, it's developers, operations and marketers noses to the grindstone :wink: