Suit and tie who?



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I see it all the time, I don't know either. I just wear a casual button up shirt that is open with a tee shirt under and athletic shorts. If I'm driving 8-12hours. I'm going to drive comfortably. I have never had a pax say or remark anything about my attire. Pax care way more about car cleanliness of interior/exterior and navigation. That's what most these pax care about.


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I wear a t shirt and ball shorts. Sneakers or slippers depending on my mood. Always have a fitted on and these clowns think I'm a fan of the team, that's not how it works in the hood lol. 4.96 rating, over 5 hundred rides.


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Yea? You know how I know you are full of shit? - "can hold a conversation"
Why would I lie?

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