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Suggestions for new Pax Badges


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In Miami, "Ay, Mamita!" would be dispensed with considerable regularity.

Search Google Images for "mamita" to select your graphic.
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If we could award pax badges for cancellations, we could come up with some good ones. Having to transport them and rate them to give them a badge takes some of the fun out of it.

I'd love to be able to be able to award one for "Oh crap, I ordered an XL! Look at that fare -- it's almost as much as a cab!!!:eek: (cancel)"
How about Fast pullover so The pax can vomit badge. it could be a picture of a guy with his face on the ground hanging out the car door


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Skyhook (request pickup from a location where it is unsafe/impossible to stop). Columbus (place your pin more than half a mile from your actual location). Poseidon: Lord of The Waves (request a ride from the middle of a large body of water). Swarm of Locusts (take water/mints/anything else you can find that is not a part of the car while on a minimum fare trip).